About Colleen

Colleen has worked in the "healing" field since 1990. In 2003 she met Abdy Electriciteh and he activated something in her which allows her to channel pure Source energy.

On David Hawkin's frequency scale of 1 - 1000, the energy that passes through Colleen has been third party calibrated at well over 900. This is much higher than many more common standard forms of energy work.


About Source Energy

On the most profound level, Source energy is the energy of All That Is. This energy is very pure. It has intelligence, and knows what is best for each one of us. By connecting to Source energy, we are able to let go of those layers of ourselves that are built on past conditioning, outmoded ways of being, and old ways of thinking that no longer serve us. What takes its place is a more authentic version of our true selves that is more connected to Life, our purpose, and everything.


About the Work

This work initiates a vortex of divine energy. A session with Colleen is an activation of Mind, Body and Soul. This finely-tuned energy calms the mind and allows each person to expand and enhance their connection to Spirit.

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Colleen has worked with clients in the field of energy and bodywork since 1990. Learn more about her experience.

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A session is different for each person because it has everything to do with your own energy and what you are ready to receive. 

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