About Colleen

Working with energy since 1990

Colleen’s healing practice began in 1990 with the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine and shiatsu. She was always interested in learning more about “energy” and vibrational medicine and was fascinated by the interconnectedness of everything. Learning about the 5 Elements and Chinese Theory was the first thing that actually made sense to her because she could see how imbalances in one area of life affected all the other areas. She could see how you could also reverse engineer higher states of wellness and spiritual expansion by finding our where the imbalances are and addressing them.  

Eager to learn more about the physical body, she expanded the range of structured modalities in her toolkit to include therapeutic massage, reiki, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point, structural integration, reconnective healing, sports/circulation, spa/relaxation, cranio-sacral therapy, and nutrition. 

She completed a 3-year program with the American Health Science University for Certified Nutritionists as well as numerous other certifications.

Integrating Tonic Herbs and Superfoods

Colleen's interest in health led her in 1996 to explore working with raw food, tonic herbs, and teaching classes as well as training clients privately in their own kitchens. 

Colleen spent two years working as the Executive Assistant to the Director of Living Light Culinary Institute, the world’s original premier raw food culinary school. She has worked extensively with leading health authorities David Wolfe, Truth Calkins, and other well-known businesses in the raw food/tonic herb/health industry as a chef, consultant, and expert.

Clear Channel for Source Energy

In 2003, Colleen met Abdy Electriciteh who has helped expand her gifts beyond what she thought was possible.

As a result of activations received from Abdy (www.Abdy.info), Colleen’s energetic gifts have come more to the forefront.  

Colleen’s enthusiasm for health, wellness, and spiritual growth has resulted in a career oriented towards facilitating, coaching, and assisting people in a variety of ways to upgrade their energetic patterns and enjoy deeper connection with their soul.  

Currently Colleen works privately in Orange County, CA and offers sessions internationally on Skype and Facebook.