What is Source energy and why would I want to connect to it?

On the most profound level, Source energy is the energy of All That Is. This energy is very pure. It has intelligence, and knows what is best for each one of us. By connecting to Source energy, we are able to let go of those layers of ourselves that are built on past conditioning, outmoded ways of being, and old ways of thinking or patterns that no longer serve us. 

What takes its place during a session is a more authentic version of our true selves comes forward that is more connected to Life, our purpose, and everything.  

Are you looking for more clarity? 

Have you lost or are looking for a deeper connection to your own inner guidance and intuition? 

Simply need a boost or energy recharge?  

A session with Colleen offers support to find answers to these questions. Most people report feeling more centered, more grounded, more empowered, more relaxed and more present after a session. It helps to release blocks, stagnation, or anything that keeps you feeling “small”. 

Whether you are sensitive to energy or not, this energy works in your life according to your Soul’s purpose and what is needed most in this moment.  

This work initiates a vortex of divine energy. A session with Colleen is an activation of Mind, Body and Soul. This finely-tuned energy calms the mind and allows each person to expand and enhance their connection to Spirit.  

Each one of us has an energetic “cord”, so to speak, that connects us to the Source. This work expands the cord, allowing increased connection, communication, and flow between you and your Higher Self. 

The energy has its own intelligence and knows what you need. It will work with you to tune up your entire energy field, and attune you more closely with your Divine purpose.  

You may notice changes right away or even a few days later. You may become aware of subtle or powerful differences in the way you view things, how you respond to circumstances, or how you feel about events in your life. 

You may receive much needed insight about a situation, or you may get the courage you need to take that next step in following your dream. Some people experience cellular rejuvenation and physical changes. Anything is possible!  

When you become more connected to your Soul, life becomes a vibrant, expansive journey, filled with rich experiences and loving energy. 

Each day is a gift that you can share with others.  Will you take a step closer?