Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?  

  • Colleen works with individuals and groups. Most individual sessions, unless you are located in southern California, happen via Skype or Facebook Video.  

  • After you set an appointment, Colleen will call you and the energy will transmit through the connection you have established. Distance is not relevant. At the beginning of the session Colleen will talk with you and try to answer any questions you might have, but most of the session happens without speaking. Simply sit or lie down in a comfortable place and receive the healing energy. At the end of the session Colleen will bring you back gently, allowing time for any final questions.  

  • If you are local to southern California, Colleen can set up a private or group session in-person. Please use the Contact form to request more information.   

What does it feel like?  

  • People's experiences vary based on their unique energetic makeup and conditioning. Some people feel temperature changes or energy moving. Some people see colors or images. Some people simply feel relaxed and some people don't feel anything at all. 

  • Regardless of the physical experience, be assured that the energy is doing what it needs to do and is impacting your energetic field at the cellular level. Often times, people sleep really well after a session. It is helpful to drink extra water before and after a session to allow for the best flow of energy.  

How long does the energy last?  

  • The energy keeps working on your field for several days. People sometimes experience more vivid dreams or receive hits of intuition in the days following your session. As time goes on, your body adjusts to the impact of the new frequencies so you may not feel it as much as in the beginning, but that is a result of your body becoming more in tune with the energy. 

  • Source energy has intelligence and it knows what each person needs so it does what it has to do as long as it needs to for each person.   

How many sessions will I need?  

  • It depends on how you feel. The number of sessions that would be appropriate varies for each person. Many people just try one session and it is enough to keep them going for a while, while others enjoy the regular feeling of connection. It's totally up to you and there is no pressure to sign up for more than you need.   

How often should I schedule a session?  

  • If you would like to schedule more than one session, it is good to allow some days in between sessions for deeper integration. Colleen recommends possibly scheduling once a week or once a month if you choose to have ongoing sessions.

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