What Colleen's Clients Say...


Sid, Dublin, OH

“I have worked with many healers and they all have their distinctive signature but rarely did I get so blown over by the energy that I received from Colleen. 

I could feel like the molecular structure of my body was rearranging and at different times felt heat in my head on my face and in my chest. I felt as if my heart was cradled in a loving embrace and felt the warmth from it that was so healing. I felt energy go up and down my body and sometimes it felt like I had no skull as the energy was freely flowing from and to the universe from the top my head. I felt a lot of peace and an inexplicable calm as if I had the answers I was seeking. 

Colleen confirmed that she felt guided to work on my heart and I couldn't have asked for anything better. So when Colleen asked how I was doing I just asked her when is the next time appointment. Loved it so much. Appreciate your help in bringing awareness within me to areas that need it most. Thank you.” 

Isreal H., Dallas, TX

"OMG! This lady is so good. I mean this week, I have seen my best week I have seen in a lifetime. I woke up refreshed and new and feeling like I am back on top of the world. Good things have just been coming & coming. MY GOD, I wish I had found her a long time ago. She is sweet, loving, & she will not let you down. She has my heart."

Angel, Charleston, SC

"During my session with Colleen, I felt the energetically pulling of something out of my throat and heart chakra, & afterwards, could I feel myself settling down into state of peace. 

I kept smelling a familiar but distinctive perfume during the session, one in which I was sure I'd smelled before. After the session was over, Colleen mentioned that Mother Mary & Jesus Christ came & assisted during my session. I have always had an affinity for both Mary and Christ. The distinctive perfume, I believe belonged to Mother Mary, as over my years of dedication to her, I have smelled similar perfumes or oils in shrines dedicated to her.   

After my session with Colleen I slept like a baby. Colleen's gifts to see into & balance my energetic fields blew me away. I would recommend Colleen's sessions to anyone who'd like to experience greater peace and balance in their lives. Her work is awesome!"

Blake, Hawaii USA

"My session with Colleen was one of the more deep and powerful energy work experiences that I have ever had. It was not like any other energy work that I have experienced. 

Colleen has a real kick-ass goddess inside of her! She works in a very unique way to clear out energy blockages and heal functionality in your energy system that you weren’t even aware of previously.  During my session with Colleen I experienced a deep healing interaction with a powerful goddess who cleared some heavy energy and fixed my wings and armor. Weight was lifted off of my shoulders that had been there so long it was a revelation when it was gone. 

My session with Colleen opened up deeper understanding of who I am and what I am here to do. She has a truly unique way of working; you just sit back, relax and allow. I highly recommend working with Colleen."

Emily W, California

"I had my first Energy session ever with Colleen Cackowski. It was a very interesting experience. At first I noticed a myriad of thoughts flood my mind... some things I hadn't thought about in a long time. As they passed through, I felt like I was clearing space for more positivity to enter in.   

I felt more peaceful and clear on thoughts about my life that I had been contemplating prior to my session. During Colleen and my session follow up discussion, I found it fascinating that Colleen was able to tap into and articulate with clarity those deeper thoughts I've been having without me having said a word to her about them.   I feel like after having had my energy session with Colleen, I have a more defined direction on how to progress positively with my life's energy going forward. I highly recommend Colleen as an Energy Healer!

Susan T., California

"While in session with Colleen I feel profound peace at a level never reached before. When in this sacred space I have experienced layers of blockages lifting from me leaving a new sense of freedom amd clarity. I look forward to greater depths in future sessions and am grateful for all the insights that are helping me to get to my life's true purpose. Colleen is such a delight to work with."


Barbara N, California

"Palpably powerful energy transmission, after which I sleep more soundly and experienced relief from fear and anxiety! I am better able to allow situations to sort themselves out with less need to interfere, and more confidence in right outcomes!  

Time for a reset? Call Colleen! You'll be glad you did!"

Shelley, Hawaii

“Colleen has a profound healing ability that enables her to reach into the core of your being. I could feel her energy blanketing me and unwinding energetic patterns I was holding onto. I felt a deep calm during our session. The energy she brings forth knows exactly what I needed at this time.   As she worked on me, I could feel the energy activating points within my body and energy field. I felt I came to a deeper knowing of myself after a session with her as well as feeling clearer both physically and mentally. I would highly recommend a session with Colleen.”

Diane, Scotland UK

“When I decided to have a session with Colleen I had no idea what to expect and I didn't have a specific reason - just that I felt really grungy and well, just not very good! I was suffering from pain/discomfort on the left side of my face which I put down to a tooth abscess. I had heard about Colleen’s sessions, she came highly recommended. ‘Deep and transformative’ is what I was told. 

I was more than delighted with the session; Colleen worked with me through Skype. She explained to me what she would be doing, asked me to get comfy and close my eyes. There was no talking; I could feel things moving in my body, in particular the left side of my face. The grungy feeling just dissipated and I felt calm and relaxed. When the session was over Colleen guided me back and we spoke about what had happened. Although I was able to give her feedback there and then the amazing changes came later! 

Read the message I sent to Colleen: 

 'Hi Colleen, Thank you so much, I feel great! All the pain and discomfort I was feeling has gone. I realized I was feeling crushed and tightly contained. Now I feel open and expanded.'  

I still felt things were shifting throughout the evening. Woke up bright and early the next morning, ready to get up and enjoy the day. The left side of my face feels clear and pain/discomfort free! So a real hit for me!  I have had a dodgy ear for years really itchy like I have an infection in the inner ear. Anyway just around my jaw line under that ear it has been swollen, like lymph gland quite prominent and hard. Today is the first time ever it has changed and is almost normal! I had not told Colleen about this discomfort - only that I didn't feel well. So you can imagine my delight when all of this started to change during the session and continued to change after the session. I still feel things shifting in my body and I feel really good and glad for it! 

Thank you Colleen, I look forward to next time.”

Sarah, Tennessee

“Working with Colleen was an amazing experience. It was the first time I have had an energy session. I was not sure what to expect.  The energy she picked up on was exactly how I envision myself and she was able to pinpoint energy of my daughter who was not there. It was an empowering and positive experience. I look forward to more. “

Jai, Colorado

"I had no doubts that from the first, positive life force was impulsed.  It's interesting that I was experiencing a rare "old fashioned cold" several days before and after our call. On two occasions after the session, in one day, I experienced pulses of Light—not just visuals—but actual alive energy of a loving nature. The next day, yet another one.  That amount in a short time is what makes it unusual. 

The other element of this "work" was that on the third day I experienced a great amount of energy even though my body was in a somewhat weakened state—another unusual thing.    

P.S.  I wanted to add to my last e-mail about the session with my 'automatic writing' about it:  

'You are well to ask.  It was most definitely for your highest good. The 'work' was a success—it allowed you to access your true nature more on the 'surface' of your life and not only at its core.  Let it be known that the life you seek is real and actual. You are blessed.'  

I have been feeling a general/natural, comfortable upliftment in my energy field - in my Being."

June, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"My loved one is well and happy lately since you sent the energy. Upbeat and positive shifts in energy. Thank you for the additional insight, it is very interesting! Much gratitude."