Favorite resources


Abdy Electriciteh

Abdy has an ancient, indescribable gift which allows people to attune to the vibration they  need to receive for themselves. The result is to be harmonized with one’s own  soul. 

When the mind is harmonized with the soul,  it is aligned in its own path and aligned in  universal harmony. 

“There is no name for what you receive.” - Abdy 

Jing Herbs Radio

A podcast series discussing various health related topics including but not limited to tonic herbs, healthy food and much more… including an interview with yours truly! 



Deva Premal & Miten

I was a part of Deva and Miten’s management team for some years and their music is among my most favorite ever… it takes you to another place.

Watkins Books

My favorite metaphysical bookshop in the heart of London… I was the manager her for a few years a loooong time ago but it has been and will always be a special place for me.